About us

WPD Pharmaceuticals is the company established in September 2017.

The activity of the Company is the implementation of innovative projects in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, including the development of new products in the field of oncology.

The Company focuses on building its position on the Polish biopharmaceutical market based on proprietary technologies and patented products portfolio, thus contributing to strengthening the position of the Polish pharmaceutical industry in the international arena.

The activity of the Company is focused on the development of both biological and chemical molecules directed to well-defined molecular targets, which will result in the development of targeted therapy in such indications as brain glioma and other central nervous system cancers. The goal of targeted therapy is to implement such an action that will significantly reduce the undesirable effects of cancer therapy.

The Company assumes the early clinical development of molecules, and then licensing the results and know-how developed as part of research and development projects to large pharmaceutical companies. This applied strategy is the most optimal business solution for the Company in the initial stage of operation, ensuring a constant inflow of financial resources enabling the implementation of further R&D projects.

The originator and founder of the Company is WALDEMAR PRIEBE - Professor at the Department of Experimental Therapeutics, Division of Cancer Medicine at the MD ANDERSON CANCER CENTER, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS. The main activity of Professor Priebe is research involving the development of a new approach to rational drug design and preclinical translational studies in the field of oncology. Multidisciplinary research conducted by Professor Priebe combines the issues of the latest synthetic organic chemistry with organic biochemistry, cancer biology and all aspects of drug discovery and development. The ultimate measure of success is to translate research and discoveries into developed drugs for patient suffering from cancer. Molecules developed according to the concepts of Professor Priebe are already in Phase I and II clinical trials.

What distinguishes WPD Pharmaceuticals is industry knowledge and the scientific and business experience of the originator acquired in the United States, in the implementation of advanced projects in the field of biotechnology, as well as a unique team of the Company employees, consisting from highly qualified and experienced specialists in the field of biotechnology and pharmacy.

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